NatRisk project launched

The NatRisk project was launched in October 2016. It will run for three years to end in October 2019. The project Development of master curricula for natural disasters risk management in Western Balkan countries (NatRisk) is capacity building action in the field of higher education, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.
The proposed project is in line with Regional Priorities for Joint & Structural Projects (Erasmus+ KA2 – Capacity Building in Higher Education) for the Region 1 (Western Balkan) and is related to the “Learning and teaching tools, methodologies and pedagogical approaches including learning outcomes and ICT-based practices (inter alia, flexible learning paths, blended courses, virtual and real mobility, practical placements etc.)“ and area „Environmental protection“.

The project goal is development and implementation of the advanced and modern master curricula in line with Bologna requirements and national accreditation standards that enable education of the specialists in the field of natural disasters risk management (NDRM). The new master study profiles that include comprehensive aspects of NDRM will be the result of analysed shortcomings of current system for NDRM in WB partner countries. Different aspects of NDRM request an interdisciplinary approach and cooperation between experts from various scientific fields. The existing study programmes deal only with specialized topics and there is no such kind of interdisciplinary study programmes in NDRM in WB partner HEIs.

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