Survey of citizens’ and public sector awareness created

In order to accomplish the basic goal of the project Development of master curricula for natural disasters risk management in Western Balkan countries (NatRisk), the University of Defence in Belgrade (UNID), in cooperation with the higher education institutions (HEIs) in the region of Western Balkans (UNI, KPA, UNSA, VSUP, UPKM and TCASU), has created a questionnaire and made a survey with total number of 3059 persons relating presence of awareness, readiness and resistance of a social community to effects of natural disasters.

The survey has been performed on three levels:
1.    Political level (level of local government unit),
2.    Level of commercial companies, public companies and other legal entities and
3.    Level of an individual.

It can be concluded without any doubts that the survey results point to necessity of development of specialized university study programs for the persons from various social life fields.

The study (education) program should meet the following requirements:
- Obtaining of expert knowledge relating the fields which deal with every risk (danger) from the natural disasters group that threatens national and neighbour geo-space;
- Obtaining of knowledge and skills in the field of natural disasters risk management;
- Obtaining of organization-planning knowledge and skills in the field of protection and rescue measures;
- Obtaining of analytic knowledge and skills in the area of operation research and geo-information technologies which are necessary for support in the process of decision making when solving practical problems in protection and rescue systems in case of natural disasters.

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